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I initially trained in 3D design and for many years specialised in the design and manufacture of hand blown glass vessels and panels and large ceramic tile installations, for both private and commercial clients. Six years ago, I was given a lathe by a friend and that was the start of my passion for making in wood.

Using mainly English native 'green' (recently felled) timber, my distinctive decorative vessels often have                                                             wide tops and small bases with long elegant curves.  They are usually                                                           rich in texture created with pyrography and carving, often embellished                                                         with acrylic colour and silver leaf.


                                                      In 2015 I was the recipient of a Bursary from the Worshipful Company                                                         of Turners which enabled me to spend time working with Jacques                                                                 Vesery, it was an amazing opportunity. That year I was also invited to                                                           participate in the UK Crafts Council ‘Hothouse’ scheme for emerging                                                           makers and this prompted me to decide to become a full-time maker in                                                       wood. 

                                                      My distinctive work is

                                                      exported worldwide and has

                                                      featured in many exhibitions

in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. It can be found in                                                        

several private collections, numerous galleries and luxury homes

and mansions and is becoming a firm favourite of interior

designers. Bespoke pieces have also been commissioned for

prestigious sporting events.


Please do contact me by email to arrange a 1:1 video call to

discuss the design options available. I am more than happy to

provide whatever assistance I can.

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